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Classic Montana Ranch

    [gallery type="slideshow" ids="3510,3507,3508,3509,3506,3498,3505,3497,3493,3480,3496,3486,3494,3500,3503,3495,3483,3485,3479,3484,3481,3487,3488,3489,3499,3490,3491,3502,3492,3504,3469,3471,3470"]   A Classic Montana Ranch in the truest sense!  The Iconic "Painted Rock Ranch" is one Solid Block of Pristine Grassland at the foot of the Snowy Mountains consisting of  20,000 +/- Contiguous Deeded acres and 1,600 acres of State leases.  Has 1884 & 1885 Priority Water rights controlling the…
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Heckner Road CRP & Pasture

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="3525,3550,3549,3548,3547,3546,3526"]   1,280 +/- Deeded Contiguous acres with 1,064 of Excellent CRP.  CRP contract runs through fall of 2021 with annual payment of $29,558.  Beginning in 2020, haying allows for significant additional income potential or, keep the hay for your own livestock operation.  Entire 1064 acres can be hayed in 2021!  With the…
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There’s a reason they call this farmstead….. the “Oasis” [gallery type="slideshow" link="file" size="large" ids="3013,3018,3021,3014,3019,3020,3016,3015,3022,3017,3026,3024,3025,3023,3027,3053,3030,3031,3032,3033,3034,3035,3029,3036,3037,3038,3039,3040,3041,3044,3045,3046,3047,3048,3390,3060,3042,3050,3051,3052,3028,3054,3055,3059,3058,3063,3555,3554"] QUIET....PEACEFUL....PROTECTED. A total of 226 +/- contiguous acres contains a gorgeous shelter belt of mature pine trees, cottonwood trees, shrubs and bushes that completely surround and protect one of the most beautiful, well kept farmsteads you will ever see.....anywhere!  with 116…
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[gallery type="slideshow" ids="3282,3322,3321,3298,3302,3309,3301,3317,3303,3299,3300,3304,3293,3311,3292,3284,3316,3319,3294,3313,3312,3295,3291,3307,3318,3306,3310,3286,3289,3296,3283,3285,3315,3288,3320,3287,3290,3308,3297,3305,3314"] This nearly 16,200 acre farm/ranch is one of the best, well maintained, producing farms you will have the privilege of viewing. This mostly contiguous farm has good soils, impressive improvements, with crop history to back it up. Just an honest, straight up, reputation farm/ranch that is reasonably priced. Consists of 12,747 deeded…
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